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About Mt. Athens

Mt. Athens FBHC Mt. Athens Fire Baptized Holiness Church is located in Ware Shoals, South Carolina. The Rev. W.E. Fuller, Sr. founded Mt. Athens in 1918 and served as the first pastor. The story that you are about to read was told by Mr. Claude Graden, a lifetime resident of the local community. Mr. Graden vividly recalls the original Mt. Athens was constructed by Rev. Fuller's father-in-law, Mr. Wright. The exact dates of service are unknown, but Rev. Mamie Price, Rev. Mamie C. Hunter, Rev. Lattimore, Rev. Hunt, Rev. Thompson, and Rev. C.W. Gibson each served as pastors at Mt. Athens during the early years of the church. Mrs. Sallie Hill Graden, Mr. Claude Graden's mother, was one of the original members and served faithfully until her death in February 1973. There were many other members from the community, but very few details are available.

In 1978, the members of Mt. Athens FBH Church decided to construct a new church building in the same location. The old building was torn down to make room for the new church. The late Rev. Gena Hunter from Laurens, SC was the pastor during the construction of the new building. The members of Mt. Athens FBH Church along with the support of their family members provided the necessary funds to completely build and furnish the new church. During this time, Deacon Clarence Tucker was Chairman of the Deacon board and his wife Mrs. Mary Tucker served as the church secretary and Sunday school teacher. Mrs. Alma Graden Fowler and Mrs. Mary Tucker served as Mothers of the church.

Many pastors have served at Mt. Athens F.B.H. church since the construction of the new building including, Rev. Willie Elmore, Rev. Fyead Galloway, Rev. Larry Benson, the late Rev. Ernest Williams, Rev. Stephen Breazeale, Rev. Mamie Williams, the late Rev. L.B. Williams, and Rev. Dorothy Rapp.

Today, Mt. Athens F.B. H. Church is under the leadership of Rev. Ronald R. Williams.